Day 19 Of The East Coast

Day 19 Of The East Coast

Park your car here and break it for $8!

Up bright and early ready for our busy day. Firstly after breakfast we logged onto our emails to find a message from Bob (who was organising our farm work). It wasn't great news as Maria wasn't keen on us leaving our car at Airlie beach when we were on South Molle island. We quickly replied to Bob explaining everything and continued as if we were still going.

In between checking emails and organising the car we managed to get all of our washing done (which was ALOT).
Whilst organising the car it seemed that we had bought back the entire insect species of Fraser Island, bugs of all sorts and spiders!
After a busy morning all our washing was dry and the car was packed and ready. All that was left to do was get the car washed and cleaned underneath to get rid of the sand.

Nearby to us was a car wash, $8 later and we were ready to drive over the under sprayer. I stayed outside watching whilst Marcus took the car onto the sprayer. 
To thoroughly clean underneath he had to slowly drive up and reverse back over the grid ... simple.
Well nothing is/was ever simple with the Jeep! A minute in and I saw Marcus's panicked face ... he had lost power and all steering of the car, he then proceeded to inform me that the washer needed to be shut off immediately.
I ran to the main office, but of course that car wash was the only one the guy could not shut off manually. I was horrified to say the least! Poor Marcus had to sit in our broken car until it stopped.

When it had finished we tried to start the car to drive it off but it wouldn't work. Great! The owner including another friendly Aussie managed to push our car off and park it out of the way.
Up went the bonnet AGAIN ... The car was bone dry and the owner even sprayed some water displacer into the spark plugs, but still no luck. This car really was quirky!
A few people had a look at the car and no one could come to any explanation. Stuck again but this time it at a car wash!
The owner was very helpful and even gave us our money back, so technically it hadn't even cost us to break our car!
An hour later and we decided to try one final time, miraculously it started! 
We drove it straight back to the mechanics but of course as it was a Friday they had left at 4pm. We were both not happy!

We had another look at the car when we arrived back. I was seriously fed up of opening the bonnet or hearing any mechanical terms.
We took it for another drive and it seemed fine once again (strange).

To take our minds of another eventful day we cooked ourselves a red thai curry. It was then off to bed after catching up with the lovely french couple that we had met.


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