Day 18 Of The East Coast

Day 18 Of The East Coast

Location: Hervey Bay

We both had a good night sleep knowing that we wouldn't have to scrap our car - loose thousands and even go home!

After breakfast we chilled in the lounge area whilst we downloaded a movie for later. We needed to take advantage of the electricity and wi-fi.

It was a glorious day so we both ended sunbathing by the pool swimming and playing Jenga (of course I won).  Later that afternoon we received the news we had been waiting for ... THE CAR WAS FIXED and ready for collection. 

We were so eager to collect the car that we went straight away. We were both grinning from ear to ear during our walk there (even though we didn't know the damage of the repair).

Once again the mechanics were brilliant. All of our troubles turned out to be the result of a small crack in the thermo pipe.

$429 later we drove away very happy, especially considering that a few days ago we envisaged not being able to afford to fix it.

We took the car for a little spin by the harbour and all seemed well. It was so great having the Jeep back.

It had clouded over by the time we had arrived back at the hostel so we decided to watch the Shawshank redemption, it was an incredible movie!

It was then time to take a drive to the supermarket to buy lamb and wine for dinner, we also treated ourselves to our favourite ice cream (caramel and macadamia - yummy).

It was a great evening and the lamb was delicious. 

We decided to get an early  night as we had a busy day planned doing washing, and getting organised to continue our east coast trip to Bundaberg - the place of rum!


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