Day 21 Of The East Coast

Day 21 Of The East Coast

Location: Bundaberg 

This morning was a first ... Marcus was up like a shot to watch the very early England match. He was glued to the television for the whole 90 minutes whereas I was bored after just 15! 
In the end I made our breakfast and packed our stuff up.
It was such a great feeling checking out of the hostel, whilst it was a nice it was the longest we had stayed in one place and we both were eager to get back on the road.

We headed straight to Woolworth's to stock up on food and most importantly petrol. 
Afterwards we had to stop at the BBQ's along the beachfront so Marcus could have a bacon sandwich. He just loves BBQing whatever time!

We parked up and Marcus got BBQing, stupidly I had left my phone on the picnic bench whilst I walked back to the car. I returned to some 'middle-aged' guy sat looking through my phone! I was mortified and stormed straight up to him, by this time Marcus had turned around. I proceeded to ask him for my phone to which he refused. Marcus then asked ... still no ... was he going to run away with it?! 

In the end after getting VERY cross and telling him that it was 100% mine he gave it back. He clearly should not of been allowed out on his own! He was lucky that Marcus ignored him as he walked away and called Marcus a wanker!
I was incredibly lucky to still have a phone and it taught me not to leave it lying around, even in Australia.
After that shenanigan we were back on the road to Bundaberg.

As we were heading out of Hervey Bay we were flagged down by two police men parked up on a bend. Neither of us knew why we had been pulled over, our immediate thought was that  something was wrong with the car. Needless to say we were both wrong, apparently we were speeding ... doing 81 in a 60 on a bend ... REALLY given that the car guzzled fuel and we really could not afford to drive at 81km/hr!
The policeman then wrote us a fine reducing our speed to 71, he then got extremely aggravated when Marcus questioned him why. After calming him down he then proceeded to tell us that we didn't need to pay the fine as we had no home address. All very pointless and bent!

Both feeling very bemused we continued along the never ending road to Bundaberg renown for its famous rum. 

On our way into the town we made a pitstop for the gym to take advantage of the free showers.
We then drove into town where we found a lovely spot by the Burnett river to have lunch. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the town and area. It had a certain charm with a mixture of older (more historic if you can call it that) buildings.

Using our camp book we decided to try out a free spot situated 10km out. The camp spot was called the Gorge nature park and clearly free camp sites aren't a secret as it was rammed. The only spot we could squeeze into amongst the huge caravans was in the corner (next to the road). 
We both managed to speak to our dads to wish them a happy fathers day before cooking a delicious porterhouse steak with broccoli.

What a day it had been ... a quite nearly stolen phone and a speeding ticket whatever next!


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