Day 22 Of The East Coast

Day 22 Of The East Coast

Location: Agnes Water

Bundaberg to Agnes Water - 122 km - 1 hr 22 min

Well it is safe to say that we both had our worst night camping EVER! The road was so loud and the traffic flow was constant throughout the night. 
We had stupidly camped close to the road so everytime a lorry/car passed it felt like it was running over our head. To top this off ... just as we had dozed off we were rudely awoken by two drunk guys (kids) playing music from there car. Just as we thought they had turned it off they would play another shit song. All of this continued until 5-30am!
Combined I think we both got 3 hours sleep so you can imagine how dreadful we both felt.

We had a quick breakfast before packing up and dragging ourselves to the gym. We both felt that we needed to do some cardio given the amount of wine and chocolate we were consuming on a daily basis! Surprisingly we had a good workout and once again we took advantage of the showers!

Our plan for the day had been to go on the Bundaberg tour however neither of us felt we could stay an extra night here so we headed straight for Agnes water.

We decided to take it very steady resting the car frequently. It seemed to do the trick having the air-con on ... however this did increase our fuel consumption which was already dreadful!

The drive was very much the same through dense forest. The road was pretty straight so I guess it was a bit boring and tedious for Marcus. 
When we arrived we both immediately loved the area. It was very quaint and all the people seemed lovely.
There was a great BBQ area that we used for lunch before laying on the main beach, it was slightly chilly though!

We had found our camp site for the evening in our Camp 7 book. It was incredible by far one of the best places we had stayed so far, it was also an absolute bargain at $6 a person!

Once we had picked out an awkwardly marked spot we dashed down to the beach to catch the sunset.  It was literally a 3 minute walk down the hill which bought you out onto the most secluded beautiful beach ever.

The beach was incredible and we found a lovely spot on the rocks to open our champagne. It was perfect, Australia, sunset and champers! What more can you want?!

Afterwards it was slightly tricky for us getting back over the rocks, half drunk and in the dark, however we managed it.

Once we arrived back at camp we had to finish off setting up before opening the other bottle of champagne and cooking dinner.

It truly was a lovely evening! We both got an early night as we were both shattered and it was rather cold!

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Day 22 Of The East Coast


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