Day 23 Of The East Coast

Day 23 Of The East Coast

 Location: Agnes Water & Town Of 1770

Ahhh it was so nice to actually get a proper nights sleep! It was quite cold again so it took us a while to get going. 
After breakfast we attempted to clean the car, it felt like a never ending battle there was literally sand every where!

Once it had warmed up we headed straight down to Workman's beach. We had the entire beach to ourselves and it turned out to be very hot.

By lunchtime we were both very hungry and thirsty. 
After some food we decided to head out and explore Town of 1770. Located just 10 minutes north of Agnes water, 1770 is built on the site of the second landing by James Cook in May 1770 (funnily enough).

We visited the marker to commemorate the landing of Mr Cook. We both loved 1770 the views were spectacular especially when we drove up this huge hill. 

Whilst on the hill we got phone signal and after several attempts Marcus managed to pick up a voicemail from Bob.
We had our 3 month agricultural work planned on South Molle island for the end of June. Bob had called to give us Maria's number to have a chat with her. 
Unfortunately it did not go well, I tried to be my cheerful happy self but Maria was having none of it. She gave me a hundred and one excuses and although it had been confirmed months ago our spots had been filled.
This was dreadful news.
Neither of us knew now what would happen, we really needed to complete our 3 month work to gain a second year visa.

On our drive back to camp we called in at the supermarket to pick up a cooked chicken (we hadn't had one in a while!). It was an easy dinner with some beans. We had probably the earliest night ever as there wasn't much to do.


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