Day 24 Of The East Coast

Day 24 Of The East Coast

Location: Agnes Water & Town of 1770

We were awoken early by the rangers ... or should I say I was! Marcus was fast asleep so I was left to scramble out of the tent to pay them.

I was also greeted by our rubbish scattered everywhere. The bush turkey's had obviously been very busy during the night, they'd even had the chicken caucus! 

I couldn't get back to sleep after clearing up the rubbish so I sat in the car and had breakfast (bush turkey) only kidding it was the usual cereal!

Once Marcus was up we drove to 1770 to get signal then drove back to Workmans beach for a morning sunbathing. We both felt that we needed to top up our tans as we had spent a lot of time sat travelling in the car.

We had a lovely late lunch at a BBQ spot overlooking the beach. 

Afterwards we then drove back to 1770 for signal. Crazy I know but we really needed to organise our farm work. Unfortunately Bob confirmed to us that Maria had 150% pulled out and could not have us. Bob assured us that he would sort out some work for us down in Brisbane. 
Based on that we decided to carry on travelling up north as we had already come so far!

To finish off the day we decided to hire a kayak for an hour. It was great fun! Surprisingly Marcus's terrible balance didn't tip us over onto the sharp rocks and stone fish (which can kill you in a matter of minutes)

It was actually handwork going against the current. I was definitely ready for hot dogs and champagne after! Even if I did leave Marcus doing most of the work.

After dinner and drinks we decided to get an early night. Our plan for the next day was to get up early and drive to Airlie Beach or at least get half way.


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