Day 25 Of The East Coast

Day 25 Of The East Coast

Location : Mackay

The thrifty travellers ...  packed up by 6-30am - all to avoid more camp fees.

From the campsite we headed straight to 1770 for our usual breakfast, cereal for me and a bbq'd bacon sandwich for Marcus (living the dream).
Our plan for the day was to head as far North as we could, unfortunately this meant filling up the car AGAIN ... $83 later we were on our way.

I was fascinated by the small towns that we past through - Miram Vale, Borovam. The towns were just so isolated and whilst I admit I am a country bumpkin at heart these towns took it to another level!

It was a long long drive with nothing much except fields and dead kangaroos (hence the boring photo's).
Thankfully the government had implemented Trivia road signs which kept us both amused.

600 km later we arrived in Mackay. Marcus had done so well and I was shocked at how patient I had been - I think I had only asked him about 20 times how much further it was!

After wasting our time at Mackay harbour we were then 5 minutes late to the supermarket. It was a random public holiday in Mackay meaning everywhere had shut early!
Thankfully we managed to find a 24/7 IGA Store. 
On our drive to Mackay I had found a lovely camp spot located at Cape Hillsborough. As it was a National Park we had to pre-pay however the website was playing up.
By this point Marcus and I were questioning what else could go wrong! Well ... Marcus started the car and we had NO POWER STEERING.  Marcus tried turning it on and off but still no luck. We stepped out of the car to see and smell coolant bubbling out of the engine bay along with melted rubber. The fan belt had snapped in half! 
Stuck again, we decided not to take my Dad's advice to tie a pair of tights around the pulley's.

We were then rescued by a kind couple who drove us and all of our stuff into the centre. Here we found a cheap Irish hotel "McGuires" for the night. It was obviously cheap for a reason ... the terrible Karoke going on downstairs.

By this time it was getting late so we ventured out for dinner. We stumbled across an Indian takeaway. We were both looking forward to our takeaway however it turned out to be horrendous! So bad to make me never want to see/smell or eat Indian ever again!


  1. Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!



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