Day 26 Of The East Coast

Day 26 Of The East Coast

Location : Ball Bay

Despite our broken car left in the middle of a random car park, we both had a reasonable nights sleep - once the awful singers had shut up!

It had almost become second nature starting our day by ringing up mechanics. Of course we were both all too familiar with the term "flat-out", which in aussie lingo basically means we won't have time for a beer after work ...

Unable to find a mechanic our only option was to walk back to the car in the pouring rain ... unfortunately it hadn't been  stolen in the night!

Miraculously we found a small garage on our walk who had some free time to have a look at the car. After managing to start it we left it at the garage and headed into town. We were hoping to find a 2nd hand car to part-exchange however being in Mackay everything was very pricey. 

Failing to find a more reliable car we somehow ended up in a lovely bar overlooking the river. Guess that was one positive! There really was not much to see/do in Mackay.

By this time we still hadn't heard about the car and were dreading the thought of being stuck again. We were both so eager to continue our journey and get back in the tent (yes, i said it!).

Wandering back we finally received a call that the car was fixed! 

One small error ... we failed to ask the price ... Arriving at the garage we were faced with a $292 bill for an hours work and the part. After much questioning it intact was correct. Our car could not of broken down in a more expensive place than Mackay, typical!

At least we were back on the road! Heading now to Cape Hillsborough - only a 40 minute drive from Mackay.

We found a slightly pricey campsite at $23 a night but it was amazing. Right on the beach, we had  incredible views of the islands.

We had the whole campsite to ourselves and were also both overly excited by the facilities, we had a lighted BBQ area and even hot water! 


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