Day 30 Of The East Coast

Day 30 Of The East Coast

Location: Airlie Beach

Up Again early due to the heat. We had positioned our tent in the worst morning sun trap!

After breakfast we put a phone call into Mandy (the lady who we were doing our farm work with). We confirmed our dates starting on the 7th July. 

We then got ready and decided to run to the lagoon today, it felt so good to jump straight into the pool!
It was a perfect sunny clear day so there was no better way to relax than by the pool.

Later on we grabbed some lunch before walking back. We were both cautious not to get too much sun before our sailing day.

Once we got back we opened a bottle of wine that Marcus had bought a few days ago. It was a "clear skin" which in Aus is a lottery. Clearskin wines may be branded wines that were originally sold at a higher price and re-labelled as cleanskins, or they may be wines produced for the purpose of being sold as cleanskins. Consequently, the quality of various batches of cleanskin wine can vary significantly.

Our verdict .... disgusting!!!! We had obviously got unlucky and were ready to for our $3 bowlers run.

A quick trip to coles to get dinner we cooked and got an early night. All ready for our sailing trip.


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