Day 28 Of The East Coast

Day 28 Of The East Coast

Location: Airlie Beach

It was a surreal experience sleeping in the middle of nowhere. My closest comparison would be similar to that of "The Island" on channel 4.

For once we packed up before breakfast! We were both so desperate to get back to the car that we decided carry all our stuff back in one go. It was a struggle - and i've never been so happy to see a 1km sign!

Nor the car ! Until I saw our tyres ... Some p***k had let two of tyres down both on the drivers sides!
We were both in complete shock, once again we were stuck.

We waited a while but there was literally no one around. The one that passed was a police car, which i managed to flagged down. The officers had no interest what so ever and advised that we walked up the road to a petrol station.

We were told that it was a two minute walk however it definitely wasn't. Thankfully a kind lady at the station offered to help us along with her husband and another guy.
The guy drove us to the car park and took off one tyre whilst the ladies husband inflated it, we then put the spare tyre on. 
We were incredibly lucky again and neither of the guys would take any beer or money off us.

After a ridiculous morning we were on our way again. We stopped off for lunch in "Lion's Park" before searching for a "safer" more "convenient" place to camp.

The result - Seabreeze Tourist Park, it was a lovely site in a good location.

After unpacking Marcus cooked us Steak and runner beans and we opened the champagne to celebrate not being stuck!


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