Day 34 Of The East Coast

Day 34 Of The East Coast

Location: Cairns

Thank god Marcus had woke up in the night to put the tarp over our tent - in the pouring rain, otherwise I think we would of woken up sodden! Of course I slept through the whole thing.

After breakfast we packed up and took a drive along the sea front. Townsville was actually quite nice and we could see Magnetic Island straight infront of us.

We had a brief wander round before continuing our long drive to Cairns.

Along the way we stopped off at Ingham, then Cardwell. We also passed Girrungen National Park and Hinchinbrook Island. It was a very scenic drive. 

Our stop off point for the car rest was Innisfail - for a driver/revive. Marcus and I were under the impression that it was a free coffee, however we were then awkwardly asked to give a donation!

Back on our way and our scenic drive continued past Bartle Fere Mountain (highest elevation in QLD)

On the long journey we found an incredible gelato place called the "Frosty Mango". I had the most incredible/delicious strawberry and macadamia gelato EVER! I would highly recommend this gem to anyone as they make it all onsite!

Poor Marcus did an incredible job driving as the road just kept on going on and on. It was also made longer by constantly stopping for the sugar cane trains to cross the roads.

However ... WE MADE IT TO CAIRNS!!

We were both incredibly relieved when we made it! After all the issues with the car we were questioning whether it would ever make it, especially in the heat!

We quickly found a camp-spot around 4km out and headed out to woolies for some food. It was incredibly hot and humid and there were lots of aboriginals.

We had a great spot for our tent, as we had the whole BBQ lighted seated part to ourselves, it was a great set up. We even treated ourselves to some Koppabergs and pancakes after dinner!


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