Day 35 Of The East Coast

Day 35 Of The East Coast

Location: Port Douglas

We were both up early with sore heads! After showering and packing up we checked out and drove to the Esplanade.

It was lovely - even the hospital had beach views! We took a walk along the promenade, again Cairns had a lovely promenade and the Marina area was lovely.

That morning I had received a phone call from Gumtree regarding the car. It's amazing what baby wipes can do! Marcus and I had somehow managed to make the car look half decent! The dutch couple ended up offering us $3500 but we turned it down ....

Off again we headed out of Cairns to Port Douglas. We were both shocked by the road ... it was absolutely stunning ... on par with the Great Ocean Road. Along the way we kept stopping off for pictures, there was one spot where hand gliders were jumping off the side of the mountain, it was awesome!

Arriving in Port Douglas we found a spot for lunch near 4 mile beach. We also found our campsite along Douglas road, it was in a lovely area.

We had a good walk around, the residential properties were to die for and the town. We watched the sunset from Rex Smeal Park and explored Island point and Flagstaff hill.

Returning to the camp neither of us were hungry so we went for a lay down. We both actually ended up falling asleep incredibly early!

Travelling really does tire you out!


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