Day 38 Of The East Coast

Day 38 Of The East Coast

Location: Cairns

We were both up early due to a very noisy camp. 

After my coffee I rang the car warranty company. Unsurprisingly it turned out that the car hadn't even been registered! Marcus then rang the dealer "Harry" who told him a bunch more lies. 
As the car wasn't covered by warranty our best option was to sell it.

We had to pack up camp as we were over the check out time. As we parked up outside we checked emails and rang Bob regarding our farm work. Marcus also had a voicemail from a lady who wished to view the car. Time for a clean up again ... this time is was a little harder as it was so dirty from the Daintree.

It was a german couple viewing the car who wanted it for a trip to the Northern Territory. They had a good look over the car ... the guy was actually a mechanic! 
Straight away they offered us money and we accepted and also sold most of our camping gear as well. Great news!!

We then headed to Kmart where we picked up a cheap suitcase for our flight back to Brisbane.

After some very late lunch we managed to find a cheap motel for the night. It was very dated but at least we had a bed for the night!

Clearing the car out was so emotional. Unfortunately we were a little hasty as we then found out that we needed a RWC to sell the car.

We booked it in straight away for the morning. 

It was such a shame that we had to spend the day organising everything as it had been a lovely day. 

It did make a nice change to watch a film in the evening though!


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