Day 39 Of The East Coast

Day 39 Of The East Coast

Location: Cairns

What was meant to be a good night’s sleep in a bed turned out to be one of the worst. Thoughts of what could go wrong with the car kept waking me.

After breakfast we decided to book another night at the motel. Unfortunately someone had specifically booked our room so we had to move all of our stuff to another one, which was no different to our last room.

10 minutes into our journey to drop the car off the alternator went. Because we had cleared the car out we had nothing to hit it with! Fortunately we made it back to the motel just in time to pick up a knife to get it working again. What a morning!!

We were stuck once we had dropped the car off as the garage was in the middle of nowhere  We had to walk for over an hour just to get back to the motel, on the way I smashed my foot of a sprinkler and realised that I had left the keys in the car! Not good.

Our third bit of bad news came when we received a phone call from the garage. Both the engine mounts were broken on the car and there was a issue with the steering. $680 ... we had to somehow break it to the couple that wanted the car. Surprisingly even after all of this they still wanted it.

Marcus and I then walked all the way back to garage. During the walk I got booed on, surely this meant some good news ?
We drove the car to the couples hostel after stopping numerous times to hit the alternator. 

They had found a mechanic to have a second look over the car, he in-fact agreed to fix it for $560. As we couldn’t sell the car with the problems we agreed to take the repair money off the price. Which we all deemed fair.
It was incredibly nerve-wracking especially when a nosey guy started to get involved asking why they hadn’t test drove the car! We were both relieaved when it was all over and we finally had the money. The couple dropped us off in town and I can gladly say that I was happy to get rid of the Jeep even though we had some great fun and memories.
We ended up treating ourselves to a Nandos, things were finaly starting to look up! We even had enough money to pay for a taxi back to the motel!

Marcus cooked us both a delicious steak and beans and we opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate our next part of the adventure! All we needed to do now was to book the flights back to Brisbane.


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