Day 40 Of The East Coast

Day 40 Of The East Coast

Location - Cairns

The cheap champagne had left me with a rotten hangover ... guess the old wives tale of expensive champagne is true!

Our first task for the morning was to organise a flight back to Brisbane. Unfortunately it wasn't as simple as it should of been ... As our phones were so used to the car charger we were struggling to charge them using the wall charger ... basically the batteries were knackered ...
In the end we managed to find a flight for tomorrow mid day.

We then had to check out of our motel and find somewhere else. Even though we had sold/binned a lot of stuff ... (even the beloved football) we still had a huge amount of luggage. 

We both waddled down the road in search for a hotel. We managed to find a cheap backpackers for the night however it was a very peculiar set up.  Our room was literally right next to the kitchen/living area. 

Thankfully the wi-fi was pretty decent and we managed to book the bus to Toowoomba and a nice hotel in Brisbane for the night.

It was another day of organisation .... firstly the suitcases and bags then we had to find a print shop for our tickets.

After watching a film we picked up some food from the local take-away. My barramundi was delicious!

We then settled down for the night. I was incredibly thankful that I had my pillow and blanket to wrap myself up in. After campaign for over a month I still couldn't sleep comfortably in the grotty hostel!


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