Day 41 Of The East Coast

Day 41 Of The East Coast

21000 species of fish in the world ... 4000 of these are found in the Great Barrier Reef

Location: Brisbane

We were up early after a noisy nights sleep ... hostel life was not for me! 

After breakfast we checked out and got our taxi to the airport. It was incredibly busy due to the school holidays, this also meant loads of naughty children. 

Our flight was at 3pm so we had a lot of waiting around. I managed to get myself a window seat and the views of the mountains were incredible. 
The flight was about 2 hours. Its crazy to think that it had taken us over a month to drive all that way!

Landing back in Brisbane I caught the sunset over the mountains. As we stepped outside the airport it was significantly colder!

From the airport we then had to get the air train into the city. The transport system was great! Even though we had to be re-directed by bus for part of the journey it was all well organised.

Once we arrived at Roma street we had to navigate ourselves to the hotel. Surprisingly the hotel was incredible! 

We then showered and got ready for dinner.

I took charge and tried to navigate us to Southbank, somehow I ended up taking us in the completely wrong direction. Thankfully Marcus took over and within 20 minutes we were along the river.

I loved Brisbane as a city, especially at night time. Southbank was a busy restaurant area that had a really good atmosphere.

Walking along the river we found a quaint Thai restaurant called 'Siam'. Our meal was incredible and such a nice treat! It was the perfect end to our East Coast trip.

We picked up a few drinks on the walk back. We had a lovely evening watching Harry Potter and then skyping Marcus's family.


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