Day 42 Of The East Coast

Day 42 Of The East Coast

Location: Toowoomba

Both had one of the best nights sleep in ages although it was horrible having to get up so early to leave the lovely hotel. It was definitely the perfect way to end our East coast trip ... Now it was onto to Toowoomba.... Flagstone Creek

We had to get a bus from Roma street - which is easier said than done ... the station was so confusing with multiple un-signed levels.

We eventually found the bus 'Greyhound' and were both pleasantly surprised; it was clean and even had wi-fi. 
We both slept most of the journey as there was literally nothing around as we climbed higher up in the mountains.

Toowoomba was larger than we had both initially expected. Nicknamed the Garden city it is located 125km west of Brisbane.

We found a lovely cafe for coffee and breakfast whilst we waited for Mandy to collect us. Unfortunately we heard nothing and were unable to get hold of her. Thankfully after a while we managed to get through and she met us at a local supermarket.

Both Marcus and I were apprehensive as we had to spend the next 3 months living in her house on the farm.

After a quick trip to the supermarket and giving her a long list of foods that we both didn't eat we headed to Flagstone Creek. We drove further and further into the mountains until we arrived at there farm. 

It wasn't quite what we had expected ... it was a large family of 11 children and we had to live under the house.

After lunch Mandy showed us around the 147 acres farm, introducing us to the animals and the border collie 'Mollie'. She also briefed us on our jobs for the next three months.

Marcus and I found it a culture shock from our recent escapades. We were both unsure whether the work was really worth an extra year. Our room was so cold and dark and there was literally nothing around. We had no signal and no way of getting anywhere as there was no bus service. We both decided to try it out for a week.

Bed time was cold even with two pairs of trousers on and numerous tops. We were both really not looking forward to sleeping in single cold beds with no heating.


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