Farm Work - Flagstone Creek

Farm Work - Flagstone Creek

Location: Flagstone Creek

Flagstone Creek - is a rural locality in the Lockyer Valley RegionQueenslandIn the 2011 census, Flagstone Creek had a population of 213 people

Well where do I start ?!

After our first week we decided that neither of us were quitters however our three months on the farm certainly pushed both of us to our limits.

We started work every morning at 8-30 and finished around 5/6pm, this was Monday through to Saturday with Sunday off. Our work varied day to day on the farm, from gardening to maintenance and looking after the animals. I also had to do a lot of cleaning, tidying and ironing. It certainly was not easy!

For the first two months we had to live under the house which was very cold and noisy, however when the annex up the garden became free we moved up there. The annex was much better as we had our own shower with no water limit and a kitchen area which was needed! It was also a lot warmer and quieter!

One thing we both struggled with particularly Marcus was the lack of food! Every Thursday evening we would go with the family to Toowoomba, here we were able to buy extra food, sweets, chocolate and alcohol for the week and weekend!

Besides our weekly food shopping trips to Toowoomba we did visit a small zoo in Darling Downs and a few neighbouring towns. It's safe to say Marcus and I really did only have one another!

Having no internet or phone signal meant that we had to make our own entertainment. Thankfully we did have a TV and DVD player, during our time we exhausted every DVD available! 
We also used to go for runs and train with a ruck sack full of stones for weights! We both had to find our own entertainment and this meant being creative!

Besides the work... I must also mention a very special kitten 'Lily' who we rescued from the shed roof (where the snake lived). Lily made the whole experience, she was never very far away and always put a smile on our face. She was a little poppet - even when I found her peeing at night in our suitcase. There was never a dull moment! 

It was certainly an interesting three months, it was incredibly tough and challenging - yet at the same time we learnt a lot about one another and felt a feeling of accomplishment at the end. We had survived multiple ticks, green ant bites, farm work, fires, a lack of food and no contact with the outside world! 

We had worked hard for our 2nd year entry back into Australia!


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