Goodbye Australia Hello England

Goodbye Australia Hello England

Location: England

The time had finally come ... This also meant implementing our carefully thought out plan.

After telling our confused families that we were having a week in Dubai we flew straight to London Heathrow.

We caught the train to met up with Adam from work.
From here we then headed to the Olympic park to surprise Tash ... The first of our surprises and she certainly was shocked. We had an amazing evening.

The next morning we were up early to get the train to Bedford. I was worrying as I didn't know what time my Mum was driving to Marcus's Mum and Dads for the weekend. Thankfully we had perfect timing ... and caught her just before she was leaving. Shock number 2!
Unfortunately for my Mum she had to drive up to Birmingham and pretend she hadn't seen us!

Marcus and I then eagerly waited at home for my Dad. Shock number 3 ... Dad thought we were both burglars and was ready to knock us both out. We had a great evening and it was lovely to be home.

The next morning we were up early to head to Birmingham. Adam managed to perfectly distract everyone whilst Marcus and I sneaked in through the garage. It was definitely a shock!

It was a relief that our idea had gone to plan!

We had a great evening catching up, drinking round the fire.

After this is was now time for reality.

Until next time Australia.... I am sure it won't be long ...


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