Day 32 Of The East Coast

Day 32 Of The East Coast

Location: Airlie Beach

After breakfast we started to look into a water taxi to Whitehaven. Unfortunately we could not find anything cheaper than $300 rtn. Both of us really wanted to have a night on the Island however it was just too expensive.

Marcus went to start the car and guess what ... It wouldn't start!! DISASTER AGAIN. Thankfully the reception called a guy to come and jump start it. It was making a very funny noise and cut out. Second time lucky .. he let it charge and it seemed to be fine.

We drove it straight to the super cheap auto to have the battery tested. Surprisingly the battery was fine.

Marcus then took us to Cedar Creek Falls - located 30km out of Airlie. 
Cedar Creek Falls was a beautiful water fall with crystal clear water.

After climbing to the top we drove back to camp. Due to the car we had wasted much of the day.
We had a lovely evening run to the Lagoon whilst the sun was setting it was beautiful.

For dinner we both had soup, the car had been costing us so much money we now had to try and use up some of our food.

The campsite that evening had live music and sausage sizzles for $1 which went down well with Marcus.


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