Adventures Up The East Coast

Our East Coast Adventure

This is the first of the posts on our epic East Coast Trip ... slightly later than I had anticipated but I guess it's better late than never! 

But before I start here's a quick overview;

  • 42 Days Camping
  • Over 2,500 km's travelled (that's 1553 miles)
  • 400 litres of petrol used (roughly)
  • Averaging at 15 mpg! (scary thought)
  • Broke down 6 times 
  • Towed 5 times
  • An un-measurable amount of vino, champagne, lollies & chocolate consumed
  • 1 Fish Caught
  • 1 Whale sighted
  • Over 40 places visits

Keep checking back as our add daily posts from the trip


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My name is Collette Green and I am a 24 Geography Graduate from England. My boyfriend (Marcus) and I recently took a year out to visit and explore Australia. Although a little late this blog will consist of all our experience. Make sure to check-up and follow our adventure down under!