Day 2 Of The East Coast

Day 2 Of The East Coast

Location: Glasshouse Mountains Camping Ground

Brisbane to Glasshouse Mountains (1hr 5 mins)

We were awoken early by the sound of diggers removing cow poo from a barn (the pleasures of camping on a showground). 
Once we had cooked, showered and packed up we were ready to head to Brisbane. We had tickets to go on the "Wheel of Brisbane" so that was our plan for the day, needless to say that it soon changed when we could not find anywhere to park for under $40 (for the day)!

We searched pratically every street in the city which resulted in us being very lost! The whole ordeal was very frustrating and Marcus certainly did not appreciate my directions down one way streets and on toll roads.
In the end we decided to give up and continue our drive north on the M1, from there we took the Steve Irwin highway to the Glasshouse Mountains.

The Glasshouse Mountains are located just 70km north of Brisbane. First discovered by Captain James Cook the area consists of eleven mountains which stretch along the coastal plain of the Sunshine Coast. According to an aborignal legend these eleven mountains tell a story about a family.

Off the Steve Irwin highway we followed directions for the tourist drive which took us to a lookout point, here we had views out over the mountains towards the coast. The view was great but unfortunately due to smoke the visibility made taking photo's difficult!

We then took a walking track down through the trees. Secretly we were both hoping to spot a koala but sadly we were unsuccessful nevertheless it was a lovely walk.

Marcus surprisingly trusted me to drive down the mountain. On our way back we came across a muddy 4wd track, which we decided to test the car on. We managed to get half way until the track went vertical and we were stuck, thankfully Marcus took over and ended up reversing the whole way back down! Later on we discovered that the track was in fact only one way and to the top of a mountain.

Again we had no idea where we were going to stay so we were pleased when we found the 'Glasshouse Mountains Camping Ground' located just 4.5km west of the mountains. 
It was a lovely scenic campground with 360 views of the surrounding mountains. We found a great spot to pitch our tent which was also close by to the toilet block! We had not made the mistake of arriving late so we had the rest of the evening to eat, drink and enjoy the great outdoors! 
After just two days we had both successfully settled into the travel/camping/roughing it lifestyle!


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