Day 6 Of The East Coast

Day 6 Of The East Coast

Boreen Point to Cooloola Beach (Sandy National Park) (40 mins)

Location: Sandy National Park 

We were both thankful that it hadn't rained in the night but instead of a wet tent there was bat poo all over it. Once again we had made the mistake of pitching the tent under fruit trees!

After breakfast and Marcus attempting to feed the wild kangaroos (apparently they don't like bread) we packed up and moved on. 
The weather forecast for the next few days wasn't brilliant but we decided to head to Great Sandy National Park regardless.

On our way to Tewatin we stopped off to stock up on food, alcohol and applied for our permit to drive and camp on the beach.

Instead of driving all the way round to the top of Sandy National Park (Rainbow beach) we were able to get a ferry across from Tewatin to Teewah Beach. It saved us alot of time and only cost $7! Once we were off the ferry we only had a 10 minute drive before we were on the beach - perfect!

The Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park covers more than 54,000 hectares, stretching from Lake Cootharaba to Rainbow beach located at the top. We had chosen to camp on Teewah beach which was definitely the right choice, as we were only meters from the sea.

We drove up and down the beach numerous times in search of a perfect camp spot. Whilst it was busy I think we were both enjoying the novelty of driving on the beach, it was great fun and we both loved every minute.

We found a great camp spot(the best yet) nestled amongst the sand dunes and mangroves. Once we had pitched our tent and had lunch it was time to collect firewood. Marcus had us both climbing up a massive sand dune in order to collect the best wood.

The end result was a huge pile of palm leaves, sticks and logs. Regrettably Marcus was unable to start a fire as it was too damp, he tried everything flammable from deodorant to insect repellent. 

For dinner we cooked a Red Thai Curry which seemed a great idea at the time until it came to washing up as we had no water supply only bottles of drinking water! 

Once we had cleaned up we then spent the remainder of the evening watching the sea whilst sipping on champagne (so lucky)! The only thing missing was a camp fire. 


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