Day 4 Of The East Coast

Day 4 Of The East Coast

Blackall Range to Noosa / Cooroora 

Location: Camp Cooroora Lake Macdonald

Our bad luck seemed to continue on throughout the night ... It was so quiet being in the middle of bumfuck..that we heard literally everything, e.g. birds, animals, wolves, laughing clowns (I really dread to think what was out there!). 
The next issue was the gigantic trees dropping there pine cones. The whole night we had pine cones the size of my head hitting our tent with considerable force, it felt like we were under attack!

The final issue was the weather ... everything was wet yet it wasn't raining, much worse, we were sleeping in a big ass cloud. Not sure if you've ever chilled in a cloud before but it's really not as dandy as you think. Everything gets damp and there's no way of avoiding it. Cloud 1- Marcus's tarp 0.

Then between dropping in and out of a very light sleep we both started hallucinating. Overall a terrible night sleep.

Despite our night time experience the camp spot was lovely in the day. There was a lovely BBQ spot where we cooked our breakfast before packing up our stuff.

We then headed towards Mapleton to finish off the Blackall range. It was a lovely scenic drive and along the way we stopped off at Lake Baroon.
Located between Maleny and Montville, this lake provides drinking water to nearly 3 million Queenslanders. It certainly was a hidden gem!

Once we had explored the lake we then drove back to the Sunshine Coast to get a new tent!

It was afternoon by the time we had changed our tent so we decided to stay around the sunshine coast area.
We spent the remainder of the day at Alexandra headland on the beach.

Before we left for Noosa we had to stock up on water. Over the past months we had collected various bottles so we had roughly 15 to fill up. Annoyingly there was only one water fountain so it took ages! I looked like such a hobo that a young guy approached me asking me what I was doing ... then 10 minutes later he came back with 4 fresh bottled waters for me! What a champ.

We then headed towards Noosa as our campsite was located in Cooroora. It was a challenge locating the site and we ended up arriving in the pitch black. 
We were both shattered by the time we had pitched the tent and had dinner, so we decided to have an early night.


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