Day 3 Of The East Coast

Day 3 Of The East Coast

From the mountains to the coast then back to the mountains!

Marcoola Beach to Kenilworth 1hr 11 mins

Location: Kenilworth (Little Yabba Camping Ground)

We both had another good night sleep, however I'm unsure whether this was due to our wine consumption or how comfy our tent was (my guess is the wine). 
Today we decided to pack up and drive to Marcoola beach for breakfast. Marcus cooked himself a bacon sandwich whilst I gave up on cooking oats and kept it simple with rivita and peanut butter (as there's only one utensil to wash up!).

After breakfast we decided to catch the morning rays on the deserted beach. We had a great morning and Marcus taught me how to ride the waves. I think he now regrets this as I am much better at it!

We then drove back on ourselves to the centre of the Sunshine Coast to freshen up. We decided to have a quick gym session and use the free showers after.
It was then back up the mountains to the 'Blackall range'. The drive up to Mapleton was great, we were both surprised that the Jeep managed the steep climb! We stopped off at Kanyana Park (a lookout) where the views were amaing.

Once we reached Mapleton we found a nice spot to have lunch before grabbing a coffee. It was a pleasant little town and the people were all so friendly. The lady who ran the coffee shop 'La Botiga' was lovely, she offered for us to camp on her olive farm for free. As we had already found a campsite we kindly declined her offer.

We then drove further into the range to Kenilworth. Instead of steep climbs this time it was sheer drops. The road was a little dirt track with a sharp dissent! As a passenger it was very nerve wracking. Marcus of course found it great fun acting as if we were on a top gear special.

When we reached Kenilworth we found the campsite 'Little Yabba Creek'. Set in the open forest with the Mary river flowing next to us it was a lovely area, but we were in the middle of nowhere!

We found a nice grassy spot under some trees and pitched our tent. It was then time to cook and you guessed it drink.
It was a cold night so we decided to drink our wine in the tent. As it was a free campsite we only had a long drop which was over the other side, so in true camping style the bushes had to do. 
Unfortunatly when Marcus returned the zip fell off our KMart tent. I was left zipped in the tent with the bottle of wine. It was an amusing situation sitting the other side as Marcus struggled to put the zip back on, the mosquito's were so bad that there was no way we could cut open the tent. It took him a whole hour to put the zip back on, by this time I was drunk having finished off our wine! It was unquestionably a memorable night!


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