Day 7 Of The East Coast

Day 7 Of The East Coast

Location: Teewah Beach, Great Sandy National Park

We knew the weather forecast was bad so it was no surprise when we woke up to rain .... and lots of it.
We spent the morning sitting in the car waiting/hoping for it to stop! Thankfully it did clear up so after breakfast we drove to Rainbow beach. Little did we know that it required taking a 16km off-road track at 15 mph. Neither of us knew what we had let ourselves or whether the car would even make it!

The track was one way and very muddy, in addition to the uneven/boggy road there were also a number of sheer drops. It was certainly very challenging! Thankfully Jerry managed the tough terrain and it was great fun, even as a passenger!

The track then bought us out at Rainbow town where we drove to Inskip point. From here we could see the start of Fraser Island!

We had a good look round Inskip point and Rainbow town before it started to hammer down again! 

At this point Marcus could not find his phone, we ended up re-routing our tracks and trying to get signal to call it. After much turmoil we found the phone, frustratingly it had been in the car all along!

By this time is was nearly dark so we were faced with tackling the track back in the dark, on top of a lack of light we were also faced with the issue of the tide coming in. Thankfully we managed to get back in one piece although it was a struggle finding our campspot!

The rain looked like it was going to be in for the night,this made cooking our dinner difficult. Luckily we had some champagne leftover from the previous night which took our mind off the rain!

Click here for a map of Sandy National Park



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