Day 5 Of The East Coast

Day 5 Of The East Coast

Cooroora to Boreen Point (40 mins)

A pointless trip to Gympie

Location: Elanda Point Camping Ground - Boreen Point

It rained throughout the whole night so we woke to a very muddy campsite. Needless to say we didn't hang around and packed everything up quickly. 

A brief look at the weather showed that Gympie was the only town where it wasn't raining, so naturally that's where we headed! 

After an hour's drive it turned out that the only good thing about Gympie was the sun!

Renown for its gold mining Gympie has an important and colourful history, from being cited as the "Town that saved Queensland from bankruptcy".
Whilst it may be an important town Marcus and I were less than impressed and felt very out of place.

After breakfast at the Gympie Lions Park we took a walk around Lake Alford - home to the mining museum and equipment. 
We then decided to drive into the centre of town where we followed directions for a tourist drive. Now usually these tourist drives are great with scenic views - however Gympie's just took as through a block of houses. We were both less than impressed, particularly as it probably cost us $10 in fuel!

We both came to the conclusion that there was nothing to do and that we would be better off by the coast in the rain! So after our pointless visit we drove back to the coast.

We found a lovely campground "Elanda Point Camping" in the Great Sandy National Park. Overlooking Lake Cootharaba the area was surrounded by everglades and forests. This is the largest tract of natural land on Queensland's southern coast.

Fortunately when we arrived it had stopped raining but instead it was very windy! We ended up moving our tent three times in order to find the best sheltered area. 
It was the first camp ground that had wild kanagroos roaming around as well as some overly friendly ducks! 

Whilst Marcus was 'accidentally' showering in the women's block I decided to hand feed a duck some Special K ... this resulted in me nearly loosing a finger or two as the duck launched itself at me, luckily I caught it all on video!
Once again we were both shattered so after a walk then dinner we had an early night.


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